Balance Your Mind

A Bit About the Music in "Balance Your Mind" 

The healing music; "Balance Your Mind" on YouTube, and all of the companion tracks of the Special series, is not particularly Greek-sounding, nor is it Medieval-sounding: (Some of the tracks may be, but by no means all).

In fact, they are composed in all kinds of styles:-

  • From folk to waltzes;
  • From jazz trio to rock ballad;
  • From jigs to sarabands

The only thing that sets this music apart from other "relaxation", "healing" or "meditation" music CDs on the market, is that it is all composed entirely in ancient modes, according to the age-old theory of mental balance and inner harmony laid down by philosophers such as Pythagoras, Aristides, Quintilianus and Ptolemy.

All the music in all our CDs is tuned the way Pythagoras would have tuned his instruments: The Pythagorean Temperament.

There have been a number of different temperaments (or systems of dividing the octave into twelve more or less equal semitones) over the centuries, and some are still used today by performers of early music.  Each temperament has its own individual flavour.

We used the Pythagorean Temperament rather than the more familiar Equal Temperament because we wanted to tune in with Pythagoras as closely as possible!

In fact, if you have a particularly keen ear you may notice that the music on the CDs sound a tiny bit "out of tune" with what you're used to.  This is because, probably without knowing it, you are familiar with Equal Temperament.  But if you should happen to notice a difference, your ear will soon get used to it.