Balance Your Mind

Balance Your Mind with Ancient Musical Modes

Do you ever feel that your life is a little out of tune?

Do you find, (like most people), that life's little obstacles and challenges tend to throw you off-centre, at the cost of your mental balance?

Have you ever wondered what you could do about it?  Pondered whether there is some way to tweak the balance of your mind? Turn a few knobs or click on a mental mouse?

If so, then "Balance Your Mind with Ancient Musical Modes" may be the simple, low maintenance solution you have been looking for!

We live in a scientific age.  Many of the fanciful notions of past centuries are now recognized as having little to do with reality.  But, on the other hand, some of the intuitions of ancient philosophers and mystics are now being discovered to have an element of truth in them.

As an example, take the ancient notion of the "Music of the Spheres".  Mystics claimed that, in trance-like conditions, they could ascend to the astral spheres and hear the planets humming as they circled the sun in their eternal orbits. By immersing themselves in this experience, they were able to imbue themselves with some of that Divine Harmony and bring it down into earth-life.

Of course we now know that sound is only vibrational frequency. Any set of frequencies, like, say, birdsong, or whale song, or the periods of planetary orbits, could be multiplied up or down until it falls within the bounds of human aural perception -  and then they could be recognized as music.  And, where different frequencies are in balance, (as within the solar system), that combination would create a kind of musical harmony!

Like the vast periods of the planetary orbits, the cycles and rhythms of our bodies, from the miniscule levels of  the neurotransmitters to the slower cycles of cell-regeneration,  reverberate together in their own dance.  And each of our myriad, individual themes weaves in and out of every other in one magnificent, Universal Counterpoint.

More than any other artform, Music gives us the opportunity to draw some of  the Universal down onto the human level.  All music is ultimately based on mathematical laws, yet somehow our nervous systems have been constructed to have a natural affinity with these laws.  Somehow the precise forms and ratios of music can speak more to our souls than could the vague words of any earthly language.  Music has long been known, when used wisely, to bring about mental balance. Music is truly the Language of the Gods.

"Balance Your Mind with Ancient Musical Modes" is an attempt to rediscover the largely forgotten science of using pure sequences of notes, untouched by the mind of Man, to create inner harmony in the consciousness of the listener.  Musicians through the ages have produced beautiful, sublime music on the basis of these sequences, or modes, and this wonderful music is our birthright. But in "Balance Your Mind" I have ventured to strip away everything subsequently derived from the modes and get back to the Source.

Strangely, unbelievably, these simple sequences of notes, which fall into eight patterns or modes, are capable of communicating their intrinsic qualities deep into the nervous system of the listener or player.   Played either as pure scales, - or clothed with rhythm, metre and timbre to form pieces of music - they enable the listener to resonate more completely with his own inner music and get closer to the best he or she can be.