Balance Your Mind

 Balance Your Mind with Ancient Musical Modes

Some of the biggest challenges of this modern world are to do with maintaining mental balance and inner harmony amidst the stress and pace of living.

Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Anger issues, Self Confidence, Mental Balance, Inner Harmony and Assertiveness are among the most popular keywords on the Search Engines!  So that has to say something about the psychological pressures that dominate our society.
None of us is completely immune to this sort of mental pressure and, basically, we need whatever help we can get!

So ...

What can we do that's quick, easy and reasonably pleasant?

Well ...

I know this is a long time ago, but back in Ancient Greece, the followers of Pythagoras used music as a means for promoting mental balance.

Special, healing music was used throughout the day, to promote happiness, inner harmony and well-being.