Balance Your Mind

 Moods and the Modes: An Overview

The  modal system of therapy could be applied to all aspects of maintaining mental balance and inner harmony.  For example, one mode would be used at night to calm the mind and ensure fulfilling sleep, while another would be used in the morning to ease you into the day. 

There was another mode suitable for stimulating dynamic action and another related one for cooling you down a little if necessary. 

There was a mode for making you more self assertive as well as one for helping you to be more easy-going and forgiving if you needed it.

If you felt the need to shine in an upcoming social gathering then there was yet another mode to help.  But if, on the other hand, you felt you'd been living it up too much recently and really need, now, to get a little more grounded, then another mode would do the trick.

If it was incumbent upon you to do some kind of inner work, (maybe study, doing the accounts or some kind of meditation etc) but just couldn't settle to it, then your minstrel could quietly play you something in the right mode while you work, giving you the necessary powers of concentration and reducing any outward distraction.

If, on the other hand, you needed drawing out of yourself, then the opposite mode would help.

Healing music was used whenever people needed to modify their own, or someone else's mood in order to achieve or maintain mental balance.