Balance Your Mind

The Effects of the Music 

The effects of "Balance Your Mind" healing music are very subtle.  The music is unlikely to inspire your heart to rise in waves of bliss to the heavens ... like a Bach Fugue, a Queen extravaganza, a beautifully crafted ballad by Lennon and McCartney, or a Beethoven Symphony.

 But, played quietly in the background, without you even having particularly to listen to it, it will subtly "  change the angle of your consciousness by a few degrees""      so that the thoughts that have been troubling you don't hit you full-on. The thoughts are still there but they cease to grip your mind and kind of "glance off it".  In this way, the correct musical mode can create mental balance by effortlessly "tweaking your consciousness", thereby saving you from the full impact of damaging thoughts or feelings. The resultant increased inner harmony gives you space to have more helpful and productive thoughts.