Balance Your Mind

Modal Music in your Pocket! 

Of course, back in Ancient Greece, the only drawback to all this wonderful theory of creating mental balance and inner harmony was that only the wealthy had their own physicians to advise them on healing music and other matters.

A doctor trained in the Pythagorean School would advise you which musical mode you should listen to in different circumstances.

For instance; In the case of feeling depressed or anxious, he might recommend that you listen to music in such and such a mode, and avoid such and such  another mode like the plague!

If you could afford a physician then you could probably afford minstrels too!  So you would just hand your prescription over to your chief minstrel, and put your feet up, or have him follow you around with his lute, harp or kithara as you get on with your day's business! Instant mental balance! Job done!

 Now for the Good News!

Now, you don't need a physician and you don't need minstrels!

And they don't need to follow you around all day!


"Balance Your Mind with Ancient Musical Modes" lets you do it for yourself and the rest of your family.

No one else even has to know what you're doing when you decide to run some modal, healing music in the background!

You can tell them what you like: You don't have to mention healing music, mental balance or inner harmony.  In fact you don't have to own up to anything!