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 Balance Your Chakras with Ancient Musical Modes



by Chris Burt

The Seven Chakras and the Musical Modes

This page is for those who would like to explore the use of the ancient modes in a more spiritual way.

The Chakras are Spiritual Energy Centres located at different points in the human body. They are rather like a ladder transporting the soul from the earthly body to the Divine. The term "Chakra" means "Wheel" and they are visible to those who can see them, as rotating wheels of light.  There are many Chakras but most teachers deal with the main seven. These range from the Base or Root Chakra which is located near the tail bone, to the Crown Chakra, located on the top of the head. The Base Chakra  is associated with being physically grounded, and the Crown is connected with higher thought processes and spiritual enlightenment.  Each of the 7 Chakras, is associated with one of the eight Pythagorean modes, (one of these energy centres actually has two modes), and I will teach you to use these musical scales, in a simple form of meditation, to balance your Chakras.

 The ancient musical modes upon which CRM is based were used by Pythagoras in his system of music therapy. And the same modes he used were later called the Medieval Modes and the Church Modes.  Pythagoras used them mainly for psychological therapy. But they can also be used for developing and channeling spiritual energy, opening up the spiritual dimension of the mind, and integrating the physical body with the higher Self.

Balance Your Chakras With Ancient Musical Modes

  • Gives you practical knowledge of how the 7 Chakras affect your life.
  • Provides you with the precise musical tunings of your Chakras. (These are personal and unique to you).
  • Provides you with recordings of the modes for each Chakra, in the specific keys unique to you.
  • Teaches you to identify your "Chronically Unbalanced" Chakras and shows you how to use musical healing on a daily basis, to create nicely balanced Chakras.
  • Teaches you to monitor the daily wear and tear on your Chakras, and make yourself feel better by re-balancing them.
  • Gives you a life-time practice routine of healing music, which takes about 10 to 20 minutes and is ideally done morning and evening.